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  • Size Available
  • Reaming Shell, set with natural or syhthetic diamond or hard alloy, connect with bit and core barrel, in order to enlarge the hole, maintain hole diameter and stabilize the bit.
    >>Selection of diversify length such as 6",10" or 18"
    >>Double or thiple pads appropriate for broken and abrasive rock formation
    >>Working life for reamer is much longer than, bit it is necessary to check reamer out diamter while bit change.

  • Nature Diamond Surface Set
  • Synthetic Diamond Impregnated Type
  • Nature Diamond Rib Type
  • Eco Diamond TSP Type
  • Nature Diamond Double Pads
  • Nature Diamond Triple Pads
  • Wireline series:  AWL,BWL,NWL,HWL,PWL  (Front-end,Back-end)

  • T series : T36,T46,T56,T66,T76,T86

  • WF series: HWF,PWF,SWF,UWF,ZWF

  • WT series: RWT,EWT,AWT,BWT,NWT,HWT  (Single Tube/Double Tube)

  • WG series: EWG,AWG,BWG,NWG,HWG   (Single Tube/Double Tube)

  • WM series: EWM,AWM,BWM,NWM

  • T2/T series: T256,T266,T276,T286,T2101/T676,T686,T6101,T6116,T6131,T6146,T6H


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