Geotec understands the importance of quality control. We have a QC team focus on all the processes during manufacture from raw material to the shipment.
>> 100% Raw material must be tested before producing;
>> Over 20% of semi-products must be tested;
>> Over 80% of finished products must be tested before delivery.

Consumers feedback:
" I have cooperated with Geotec Wuxi for more than 10 years, the reason I can work with you so long is because I haven't received any complaints about drilling rods so far, that is incredible!"
—— Mohammed Zafar

" I realise the brand named "Geotec Wuxi" in 2013 at the mining expo, and I am cautious, so I visited their factory after the expo, went through their factory, inspected all the manufacture processes, talked with them face to face, and then I placed a trail order, after a few times cooperation, I think their quality is trustable."

—— Christine Weston

"I was worried sales people would come and go, my last supplier, the sellers' mobility was too high, I cooperated with them for only 1 year, and three different sellers contacted me, and I had to explain purchasing habits and specifications again and again. And shipped the wrong items two times! But Lillian from Geotec had communicated with me for more than 5 years, she knows our drilling condition, and makes me very easy to place order, and there are no mistakes at all!"
—— Adward Loc

"My friend Kelvin introduced Geotec Wuxi to me, and I used their NQ diamond drill bit, 12mm matrix height, NF9 for over 1500 meters. Quite good! Our onsite people like the bit!"
—— Ray Carr

  • Metallographic Analysis
  • Heat treatment test
  • Material Analysis
  • core barrel test
  • Bit & Reamer Test
  • drill rod test
  • HDD drill rod test
  • HDD drill rod test
  • Drill Sub Test
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