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  • Describtion


  • Describtion:
    Our sub saver will keep your drill rod threads safe and sound. Boost your drive chuck’s life by adding a replaceable sub-saver to bear the brunt of the wear so your drill rod threads don’t have to. Changing out worn sub-savers and drive chucks is an inexpensive and easy way to get the maximum life out of your drill rod. If they are allowed to wear too much, a drill rod’s threads will start to deform to the shape of the worn sub-saver threads.

  • Performance Features:
    ·Drive chucks are built to the exact specifications of the original equipment manufacturer.
    ·Made of high-alloy steel for high strength and durability.
    ·CNC-machined for a perfect match with your drill rod."

Cone rock reamer

  • 165 / 172 High torque drill rock motor : High speed of revolution

  • Cavity Probe High Flow sub : Signal resistance is small improve accuracy of orientation

  • Mud Flow area is Large to lower cycle pressure and improve ability of sand return ;

  • Damping device is equipped in the cabin , which could protect cavity From not being damaged by vibration efficiently It protects cavity probe against shocks and extends service Life


  • Product Description
    HDD swivel is an essential part for all horizontal directional drilling works .

    HDD pull-back swivel must be able to bear both the pull strength imposed by pull-back actions and swivel strength and side-load resulted From rock or other conditions , Bearings of the swivel joints here at our company are suitable for absorbing thrust and radial Load . Our HDD swivel joints adopt specially designed sealing elements , whichcan prevent an early Failure of bearings resulted from entry of dirt into the bearings , The pull-back swivel joints here at our company are available to undertake mud ,  dirt and any other underground objects and they are easy For maintenance.

    1 . Geotec is available in providing various HDD swivels , including models covering 15T , 25T , 40T , 60 80T 100T 200T , 300T 400T 500T 600T 700T 800T etc .
    2 . Adopt high quality Forged alloy steel and bearings , such as SKF and TIMKEN
    3 . Longer service Life and greatly reduce construction risks
    4 . It is easy For dismantle and maintenance

Pull Tabs

  • Pull tabs is made by alloy steel and heat treatment , clevis consists of bow cross pin and nut
    1 . 100% screw thread inspection
    2 . Made of heat-treated alloy steel
    3 . The clevis pull tabs is diversified in sizes , perfect For all drilling equipment obstruction


  • Our cutting tool can be matched with different tool bits For varied geological conditions to improve the cutting efficiency of the reamer.

Directional drilling accessories

  • We are able to provide optimum drilling products for you according to your specific needs and we are devoted to developing more products in this field.

HDD Machines

  • Crown HDD drilling rig mainly used for civic construction, it is steel track self-contained unit. The drilling diameter is designed from .

  • 60 to 130 with hydraulic system, and easy for transportation.

Other Accessories

  • 1 Thread Nut
  • 2 Octagon Adapter
  • 3 D Shackle
  • 5 Octagon Collar
  • 6 Cutters
  • 6 HDD Pipe Puller
  • 7 Clamping Jaw
  • 8 Thread Grease
  • 9 Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
  • 10 Hydraulic Pipe Wrench
  • 11 Tube Wrench
  • 12 Rubber Truck
  • 13 Cone rock reamer
  • 14 Pull Tabs
  • 15 sub
  • 16 Swivel
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