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Directional Drilling Pilot

  • Size (2 3/8 ~ 6 5/8FT)

  • Directional drilling pilot is a frequently used power-driven drilling pilot in well drilling , in long-term and high speed drilling of the horizontal boring , Limestone drilling , sandstone drilling etc .

Eagle Claw Pilot

  • Eagle claw pilot is composed of eagle-claw bits and drilling tools , with the drill bits being mounted in the Front part of the drilling tools by screw and discharge of the thread .

    It has been well accepted by customers or its replacement in carbide bits. The hardened steel carbide cutter teeth on the bit are perfect for relatively hard rock formations.

Pilot For Soft Soil

  • Soft soil drilling pilot is composed of drilling pilot plate and drilling tools , with the directional drilling head being mounted on the forefront of the bit through bolt-on

  • Size ( 2 3 / 8.6 5 / 8FT)
    Type : Direct connection & Octagonal connection
    Two optional types For soft soil directional drilling pilots : side load and end-load
    Features of side-Load drilling pilot : Easy dismantle time and effort saving . Features of end-load drilling pilot : Waterproof greater torque , compression resistance , less likely For bending , but time-consuming

Directional Drilling Bit

  • Made of cast alloy steel , suitable For directional drilling work .

  • We are able to customize various directional drilling bits available for different soil conditions covering hard , soft and sandy soil

  • Two optional connection ways for directional drilling bits : Direct connection ( Which attaches directly to the drill rod of the machine ) and easy dismantle ( Octagonal connection ) .

    Customers are available For optimum directional drilling bits or sonde housings based on specific soil conditions to achieve efficient drilling

Tri-cone bits

  • Technical Features:
    Bearing structure in roller cone bit , including journal bearing, floating bearing, roller bearing .
    Sealing and soil storage compensation system .
    Hydraulic system .
    Cutting structure:steel tooth bit and Insert tooth bit

Eagle claw bit

  • Eagle claw bit is designed For medium hard soil conditions Designed with interchangeable cutter.

    The edge of the drill bit is designed with wearable strip , greatly improving life span of the drill bit

Directional drilling blade

  • Directional drilling blade is designed for soft soil conditions With various steering blades optional.

    The directional drilling blade is designed with alloy steel in its front part, improving Life service of the directional drilling bit under  its fatigue operation.

  • Directional-Drilling-Blade
  • Eagle Claw Bit
  • Eagle Claw Pilot
  • Pilot For Soft Soil
  • Tri-cone bits
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